on divorce, grief, and finding peace in the elements* It surprises them, the nudity, but being naked is its own form of prayer.  We brought the coffee and the chocolate granola over the rocky outcropping down to the lake, wind lapping ripples against the granite shore. I sipped the sacramental first, perfectly hot and darkContinue reading “Shelters”

Uprooting: On faith and pretending

It’s that kind of day. Sometimes you just feel like putting on your boots and tromping around the garden, or rather, the mess of overgrowth that could be the garden, and cutting it all down. Chopping the unwieldy branches and gathering them in piles, hacking them into manageable pieces and stuffing them in the organicContinue reading “Uprooting: On faith and pretending”

Pilgrim, Mother

The birth of my child, Madeleine left me in an open field, literally wondering where my self had gone. There were many versions of myself I had imagined and worked towards: the professor, the writer, the world traveler. The mother did not fit in any of these versions. But the loss of the sense ofContinue reading “Pilgrim, Mother”